Why Wisdom? Here's our story.

Some folks have asked, why Wisdom?  The market is flooded with real estate corporations and thousands of agents. So, why now and what sets Wisdom Properties apart from the others? 

Wisdom Properties is different because of our philosophy of co-creating a positive result with our clients. It's no secret that clients in this area are savvy, intelligent and research oriented. They often go on line to check the market even before contacting an agent.   Wisdom embraces the collaboration, knowing open communication accelerates the result. We are here to facilitate the transaction and guide our clients through buying or selling.  Although we love giving valuable advice, we understand no one likes being "sold or told".  That's not our way.

Wisdom Properties is different because as an independent brokerage, we fill the gap between mega corporations with layer upon layer of management, required quotas and mass selling styles that may work elsewhere, but not in Southern California, and at the other end of the spectrum,  the growing number of one person operations of isolated agents ("lone wolf brokers") working from home and never engaging with clients face to face beyond a text, email or docu-signed transaction on a property they may have not seen.

Wisdom Properties is different because Owner/Broker, Loraine Dyson, has 40 years of experience providing compelling wisdom, advice and insight to bring about the highest level of service, integrity and creative solutions.   This translates into agents knowing they are immensely supported and clients knowing the Owner/Broker is personally dedicated to getting results.  

And finally, Wisdom Properties delivers the industry's need for an independent real estate brokerage based on a culture of joy and human interaction while being highly productive and accomplishing results. A culture of like-minded positive people having fun merging our talents, professionalism and intellect. Just smart locally involved people who love people, real estate, who think creatively and get results for our clients. 

It's a simple story.  It's simply Wisdom.



Loraine Hester Dyson has been a licensed California Real Estate Broker for over four decades. As the daughter of Mid-Century award winning Architect, Henry Hartwell Hester, AIA, she grew up crawling on blue prints. Loraine's affinity for architecture led to majoring in Environmental Design/Art History at UCSD before beginning her real estate career in her birth town of La Jolla in the mid 1970's.  In her late 20's, she was drawn to North San Diego County and the coastal architecture which ranged from wood and glass designs to Mediterranean mansions dotting the hillsides overlooking the ocean.   

In 1988, Loraine with her real estate visionary husband of 32 years, Bob Dyson, opened Dyson & Dyson Real Estate, and built it from a small office in Del Mar to a regional company which represented clients from over thirty offices throughout the Southwest including San Diego County, Newport Beach, Palm Desert and Las Vegas.  After the sale of two of the four company divisions, the Dyson’s focus shifted to real estate land developments, investment properties and new venture entities.

Loraine’s continued love of residential real estate and her desire to serve the local agent and client community one-on-one, led her full circle to establish, once again, an independent real estate brokerage firm, Wisdom Properties.

Loraine has contributed to the real estate industry consistently over the years, serving on the Association of Realtors Board of Directors,  supervising Broker to thousands of agents, real estate marketing director, author of real estate books and training videos, host of real estate TV shows, founder of the Dyson & Dyson Charitable Foundation, inspirational speaker throughout the Southwest, and recipient of numerous awards from the Association of Realtors and  local chapters of Soroptimists and National Charity League.