Stacey was born in Beverly Hills and raised in Solana Beach and was in the first graduating class of Torrey Pines High School, where she was crowned Homecoming Queen. She has raised her two girls locally and has been involved with fundraising efforts for Santa Fe Christian School and other organizations.

A natural real estate mindset has led her to acquiring multiple properties that she manages here in San Diego. She works in management for both The Limited fashion chain and Nordstroms for 8 years each. Prior to residential real estate, she worked at Lawrence Welk International Resorts representing Vacation Ownerships. Her insightful personality makes her highly aware of her clients needs and goes beyond the call of duty to create a transaction that brings happiness and satisfaction to all.

Eight years ago she reconnected with a Torrey Pines High classmate, local businessman Bobby Garcia, which led to their wedding a few years ago, and they merged their two sons, two daughters, cats and dogs into a happy family.